House in La Canada

The house in La Cañada is placed in a residential area very close to Valencia. Its plot is surrounded by existing vegetation and opened to its immediate surroundings. A large number of pine trees and palm trees forms the background of the house.Learn more about the building here

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FlashBack Documentary

Provided with only napkin drawing, old photos and stories I was tasked with recreating the inside of a club from the 80's, record shop and DJ booth. Working with Tangerine Productions animations of the club were produced for use in the documentary. The infamous Flashback nightclub was established by owner John Reid as a [...]

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SONY MiniDisc

Tackle a piece of audio history—the Sony MiniDisc player. This project was all about getting the details right, from the size and shape of the player to the textures that make it look real. I spent hours tweaking the 3D model, making sure every button and port was just right. Then came the challenge [...]

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